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As a dynamic and forward-thinking technology company, we specialize in the development of cutting-edge AI-powered solutions designed to transform businesses and revolutionize the way they operate in the digital era.

Data Collection Relevance Generated

Anhsin Technology’s Ahn-Leyze™ redefines data processing, emphasizing relevance in collection. The product ensures that collected data is not just comprehensive but tailored to clients’ specific needs, empowering strategic decision-making with meaningful insights.

Algorithmic AI & Matching Text

Anhsin Technology leads with Algorithmic AI in Ahn-Nyn™, where advanced algorithms match user queries with structured and unstructured text databases. This ensures a seamless and contextually relevant interaction, pushing the boundaries of AI capabilities and delivering exceptional user experiences.

Data & Quality Expertise Ethically

Anhsin Technology prioritizes ethical AI practices, exemplified in Ahn-SASS™ and Ahn-Chasso™. The former offers a library of face models with customization options, while the latter ensures secure internal communication, preventing data leakage. Anhsin’s commitment to ethical data usage sets the standard for responsible technology integration.



Our mission is to accelerate the development of AI

At Anhsin Technology, our mission is to empower businesses with AI-driven products that elevate customer experiences. We believe in simplifying the complexities of digitalization, making it accessible and effective for companies across various industries.



Introducing Anhsin Technology's AI-Powered Product Suite: Transforming Business Dynamics

At Anhsin Technology, we bring innovation to the forefront with our comprehensive suite of AI-powered products designed to revolutionize the way businesses operate and interact. Our cutting-edge solutions cater to various aspects of business processes, ensuring efficiency, security, and enhanced user experiences. Let’s explore our four flagship products:

Intelligent AI Chatbot


Anh-Nyn™ stands as a pioneering AI chatbot that empowers our clients to engage seamlessly with their users.
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Internal Instant Messaging Reinvented


Anh-Chasso™ transforms internal communication within business organizations via Instant Messaging.
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Face Swap Innovation


Anh-Sass™ introduces a groundbreaking extension app for Face Swap, catering to live streamers on platforms such as TikTok, Zoom, and other live broadcasting platforms.
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Big Data Processing Redefined


Anh-Leyze™ emerges as a powerful application to process big data efficiently that generates reports or predicts sales performance with seamless experience.
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Anh-Nyn™, Anhsin Technology's pioneering AI chatbot

Our AI chatbot is designed to respond to user inquiries based on structured and unstructured databases. Equipped with cutting-edge algorithms, Anh-Nyn™ seamlessly matches user queries with relevant text, ensuring accurate and contextually rich responses.

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Thoughts by some of the world leaders about Artificial Intelligence

These are some general insights into the perspectives of world leaders on artificial intelligence (AI) based on their public statements and actions up to that point. While the opinions of world leaders may evolve, these are positive notable statements from them.
Xi Jinping has emphasized the importance of AI in China's long-term development plans. China aims to become a world leader in AI by 2030, investing heavily in research, development, and application of AI technologies.
Xi Jinping
General Secretary of the Communist Party of China
Macron has expressed a vision for making France a leader in AI. He has acknowledged the transformative potential of AI while also highlighting the need for ethical considerations, responsible AI development, and addressing societal challenges associated with automation.
Emmanuel Macron
President of France
Merkel has stressed the significance of AI in maintaining Germany's competitiveness in the global economy. She has also highlighted the need for ethical guidelines and international cooperation in the development of AI technologies.
Angela Merkel
Chancellor of Germany
Trudeau has emphasized the importance of responsible and ethical AI development. Canada has positioned itself as a leader in AI research, and Trudeau has advocated for the positive impact of AI on various sectors while acknowledging the need for regulatory frameworks.
Justin Trudeau
Prime Minister of Canada
Since taking office, President Biden has shown a commitment to investing in research and development, including AI. The administration has recognized AI as a critical technology for U.S. competitiveness and national security.
Joe Biden
President of the United States



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